We’ve got you every step of the way

Our team guides you - so you are benefiting from Avallone right from the start!

More than mere touchpoints, your engagement with Avallone will be a journey that’s been thoughtfully designed with you in mind. We know you want value from Avallone quickly - as well as continued engagement with our team as you see more and more benefits.

Step 1


Getting ready

Preparing for our journey together

At Avallone, our commitment to our customers is so deep, we’re thinking of your success before you even start!

We want to hit the ground running when we begin Onboarding, so in the final stages as our contracts are being finalized, we’ll work with you to start preparations. We call this Preboarding: you’ll be introduced to the Customer Success team, have the opportunity to ask any initial questions and get quick walkthrough of our Onboarding process - so you’ll know what to exactly what to expect when we start.

Step 2


Up and running fast

A rapid, guided start

The Avallone platform has been designed with our Legal, Treasury and Finance users in mind. It’s so intuitive, you could be working with it right away. But we also know how busy you and your teams are, and often, it’s helpful to be guided in a structured way to get your data uploaded, learn how to use the tools and integrate working with our platform into your current KYC processes. For this, we’ve developed a 6 session Onboarding program that’s fast, proven and effective. From our experience, a comfortable pace for most customers can be 1 session per week. There are also customers who accelerate their Onboarding - with a condensed schedule of 2 to 3 sessions per week.

What you put in is what you get out


To make this happen, we will need your collaboration, data and time to set aside for a series for configuration and training sessions.

While each Customer will have their own unique data and training needs, in our experience, you can anticipate a 2 to 3 hour involvement on your side per session - for a total of 12 to 18 hours during Onboarding.



Upload of companies + officers

To start using your new Avallone Hub, you’ll need your data in the platform.

We start by teaching you how to create your companies + officers  - and upload all of their relevant information.Our CSM will make recommendations on the best approach for you to upload data + provide recommendations with APIs and/or bulk uploads with your data.


Upload of associated files

To complete the all of your company information in  Avallone is to upload documents such as licenses, certificates of incorporation, and articles of association.

For your officers, you have flexibility for their data!

Whether you have an existing set of files for your officers that you can migrate into your platform - or you prefer to make documentation requests to individual officers so that they can upload it directly themselves - your CSM will show you how you can accomplish this to meet your organization’s data policies + preferences.


Respond to KYC requests

We’re at the end of the Onboarding phase!

Since you now have your latest company data in Avallone + training on how to manage the platform, our last session focuses on the ultimate power + benefit of our platform: Answering KYC requests quickly + collaboratively, then easily sharing the completed KYC package with third parties.

Using a real, upcoming KYC request that your organization needs to answer, you’ll learn how to upload your KYC requests + how your team can finish it fast.








Welcome + configuration

We start our journey together with a Welcome Meeting.

Led by your Customer Success Manager, this first interactive session will allow our team to ask questions to get to know each other - as well a mutual understanding of each others’ data systems + structures. You’ll get an initial walkthrough of your newly created tenant + its configurations.

And we’ll also guide you through the goals + objectives each of the 6 sessions - reviewing the schedule to make sure the velocity of Onboarding matches your needs.

At the end of this session, we’ll have collaboratively finalized a Success Plan for your Onboarding together - which we’ll revisit at the end of our implementation.  


Relationship mapping

One of the key benefits of using Avallone is control + digitization of your legal entity management - where the platform automatically generates UBO overviews + visualizations of your company structure.

When your data is ready in the system, this next session will be focused on showing you how to link a legal entity to its officers + create relationships for ownership + control data.

This relationship mapping is key to generating an always up-to-date ownership + control structure diagram showing the relationships between all of your entities + officers. 


Final full platform training

In each of the previous sessions, as the superusers of Avallone, you + your team have been getting training from your CSM.

But we know it’s useful to have one holistic session where we summarize all of the training + you can ask any questions. This session is so useful, we find that many of our customers invite colleagues outside of their core team to also learn how they can collaborate within your platform!

Should you want, this session can be recorded and provided for your future reference + training of other team members.


Data upload

Now that you have your Avallone Tenant, we show you how to create companies and officers, including uploading supporting documentation - which you need to start using the platform.There is a possibility to bulk upload your data via information you provide in CSV format, and we will discuss how Avallone can assist you with this.


Company and officer relationships

We start our journey together with a Welcome Meeting where we review our schedule to make sure the velocity of Onboarding matches your needs.Based on your purchase, we will create + initially configure your tenant - as well as add your first KYC Manager.While our KYC subject matter experts will be primarily assisting you during our Enrichment phase - which follows a successfully completed Onboarding - you will be introduced to one of them in this session. They may ask some initial questions about your process + team structure.


Documents + KYC Q&A

A final step in initially having all of your company information in the Avallone platform is to upload documents and start providing answers to common KYC questions. While this is not critical to complete Onboarding, starting this now will help you make future KYC responses faster and more efficient.


Full platform training

While training will be happening in each of the session before, in this 5th step, your Customer Success Manager will provide a formal training session summarising all you need to know for using the platform. This can be recorded and provided for your future reference + training of other team members.


Accept requests
and share KYC packages

At the end of the Onboarding phase, you will have your latest company data in Avallone and training on how to manage the platform. Our last session will focus on the ultimate power and benefit of our platform in allowing you to easily complete KYC requests + share them with third parties.

Step 3

Supported Scaling

The journey continues

We nurture our relationships

When Onboarding is finished, you’re ready to use Avallone for your KYC processes! We believe in staying engaged with your team + supporting you with ongoing adoption and expansion.


Stay up to date

As we develop new features, we let you know about them + how they can further improve KYC processes


Continued training

As you have more and more users on Avallone, we’d be happy to provide regular refresher trainings to your new joiners



If you have questions, you have a Support team that can help you address any issues


Periodic business reviews

To maximize your value with Avallone, our team provides you with regular business reviews with your team

We’re here to help

Meet the team that’ll get you onboard. We’re here to help you every step of the way and beyond.

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Onboarding journey

“We felt assured and in the safest of hands”

When NREP onboarded, they we’re met with enthusiasm and tenacity and got up and running in just two weeks.

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