Lead Engineer • R&D • On site

Ahmad Nazir

What I do at Avallone

I work with a fine group of ambitious and talented people to build the Avallone platform. Mostly, I’m involved with system architecture and backend development. From time to time, I ask dumb questions to make sure that we keep building value for our customers.

Life before Avallone

I was at Microsoft working on the Customer Insights platform. It was a humbling experience which gave me an insight into how to move fast when working in a larger group. Leaving it was not an easy decision, but joining Avallone was certainly the right one. I was also the first engineer to join Penneo - a company where I got to learn about startups intimately and see how they grow organically.

“We’re purpose driven and understand the why”

Working at Avallone

I constantly feel that I’m working with people who really care about what they do. I don’t feel a hierarchy in the company - anyone’s opinion is welcome as long as it is supported with valid arguments. I feel that there’s a lot of room for personal and professional growth. I’m super excited about what the future holds.  

My favorite Avallone value


We always act as owners

”We’re purpose driven and understand the why.” This is also quite close to one of my personal values which is about living an intentional life.

A day in my life

First thing in the AM
During my day
In the evening
Drop my son at school & get some freshly baked muslibrød
Code! Single and multiplayer modes supported
Dinner with the family
Morning team meeting
Sprint planning
Wrap-up the work day
Collaborative work with the team
Pick up my son from kindergarten
Late night squash/football or Netflixing

I’d describe my Avallone colleagues as...

Determined and willing to go an extra mile. Eager to grow in different walks of life.