Comprehensive KYC platform
for collection and response

Avallone gives you control over all of your
KYC workflows with legal entity management, screening for Sanctions, Warnings, PEPs and Adverse Media Watch Lists, eSigning and more

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Comprehensive KYC
for collection and

Avallone gives you control over all of your
KYC workflows with legal entity management, eSigning and more

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Avallone empowers companies
to proactively manage their KYC burden

Legal entity management, including UBO overview and visualisation of company structure

KYC response answer engine

Save time and energy with the KYC Q&A engine.

It not only allows you to gather answers to any KYC questionnaires that you received for sharing, it also serves as a library to store and re-use these answers for future KYC requests from other third parties.

Intelligent matching and data mapping expertise provide even more value.

Share information securely

Regardless of where the KYC request is coming from, easily collect and consolidate all of the information in a configurable package that meets the format requirements - then to quickly and securely share it with the requesting bank or third party.

KYC Collector

With Avallone, it’s easy to collect KYC information and documentation from any type of counter parties - such as investors, customers, suppliers and tenants. Whether you are looking for a simple file or detailed answers to a complex set of questions, Avallone makes the process effortless and secure. Also, easily screening counterparties for Sanctions, Warnings, PEPs and Adverse Media Watch Lists against a real-time database.

Company officer vault

Each officer can be provided with their own secure, private area to upload their information and documents - making it easy to share with KYC managers in relevant KYC packages while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and GDPR compliance.

Integrated signing

Embedded e-signing through our partnership with DocuSign

The platform at a glance

KYC pressure on companies has multiplied in recent years

Regulatory pressure
on banks

Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to detect and prevent illegitimate transactions

Piles of

This triggers an avalanche of requests to large companies

Poor tools
and processes

Most companies lack the processes, and technology to handle this proactively & efficiently

Regulatory pressure
on companies

Regulation increasingly places transparency requirements directly on companies

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Our approach

Banking grade security

We apply the latest encryption standards, continuously monitor and log all activity, and do periodic third party penetration tests

GDPR compliance

Our privacy standards meet all legal requirements - including, of course, GDPR

Full audit trail

Document-level permission setting and logging of every single access and sharing event

KYC guidance

Specific recommendations based on our deep KYC expertise help you stay compliant with both covenants and regulation

What our customers say

“We saw a match between our KYC needs and requirements and Avallone’s solution, which is why we chose their system. We’ve been very impressed by their openness towards feedback and ideas, and by how quickly they have released improvements and new features. “

“When Avallone approached us, we were about to hire two people just to help us with the onboarding and due diligence for establishing our entities. And Knowing Anders Meinert Jørgenses track record and just seeing the platform, it was an immediate sell for us.”

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