Senior Customer Success Manager • Customer Success • On site

Timea Kovacs

What I do at Avallone

My responsibility is to ensure that customers have a great experience with Avallone. Amongst other things, I work on the development of processes that support the entire customer lifecycle from contract signature to renewal, collaborating closely with subject matter experts with banking and technology experience who provide me with insights on how to optimize our implementation framework. In a nutshell, I bring all stakeholders to the table, internal and external, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Life before Avallone

My journey of discovery into the SaaS software world happened 5 years ago while looking to relocate to Copenhagen. I’d been in the tech space for nearly 2 years by then, working for a large IT consulting firm and knew by the end of my time there that the startup environment is a better fit for my ambitions. I love bringing people closer to new technology, helping them with change management and the dynamic, fast-growing startup scene is the perfect place to be - if you want a front-row seat to innovation. It’s an interesting journey where you are required to learn and improve a little every day.

“Great achievements come through joint efforts”

Working at Avallone

Working at Avallone makes going to work each day fun, rewarding and challenging. It’s a great place to work, employees are cared for and supported while also challenged to grow with the company, and colleagues respect each other and have a shared commitment to both individual and company success. I feel grateful for being a part of a company that cares for the well being of its employees.

My favorite Avallone value


Be who you are, it’s your contribution that counts

Being part of Customer Success means you have to help customers when needed. Being part of Avallone means not only helping out clients but each other. There’s always someone there to give you advice or a laugh when you need it. That makes Avallone a special place to work and makes me look forward to the day ahead.

A day in my life

First thing in the AM
During my day
In the evening
Bike to the office
Lunch with colleagues
Gym workout or go for a walk
Go through emails and plan my day
Customer meetings and work on planning
Cooking dinner
Drink a giant cup of caffe latte
Bike home from the office
Board-games or movies

I’d describe my Avallone colleagues as...

Competent at their job, passionate about delivering quality, open-minded and super fun to work with.

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