Our vision
A world where
financial crime
is in the past

Our motivation for starting a company

We want to build something from the ground up and put everything we’ve learned into it.

We want to create an organization with a culture and set of values that reflect who we are, and that we can look back at and be proud of.

We have a strong urge to prove that we can forge an unquestionable success - financially and on any other dimension that matters for a company.

We are hard-working, result-driven, hungry - and we have actively deselected the relative comfort of taking a job for someone else.

Our mission
Empowering companies to eradicate financial crime, while building a tribe of outstanding individuals

Our values


We are loyal, fair and accountable


Be who you are - it’s your contribution that counts


We put ourselves in our customer's shoes


We always act as owners


We never take victory for granted and rarely accept defeat

Why we started Avallone

None of us would want to start a gambling site, an e-cigarette company, a drone surveillance business… or anything else that is morally questionable, let alone downright bad. No matter how big the market or how high the profit margins might be.

Nor would we want to start another marketplace, e-commerce platform, digital marketing tool, etc. These things are all fine, and many good, respectable businesses are built in these areas. It’s just not what makes us tick.

We have deliberately chosen an area we feel is both important and highly complex - but where we are convinced we can make a difference. We want to use our passion, skills, and experience to create a platform that unites systems and resources in the fight against financial crime.

And finally, we have chosen this area of business because we see an enormous, growing market and a pain point that companies want to get solved.

[: ˈævəˌləʊn :]

Avallone is an old Welsh spelling of Avalon - the Island where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged. King Arthur gathered the knights at the round table to fight evil. The Avallone platform unites systems and resources to fight financial crime.

Our team




Anders M. Jørgensen

Co-founder & CEO

Martin Albertsen

Co-founder & CTO

Thomas Helms

Co-founder & Chairman

Thai-Dan Persson

Senior Product Designer

Bettina Vilhof Laub

VP of People & Culture

Raul Stelescu

Full Stack Engineer

Sune Warberg Clausen

VP of Product

Na Ree Marie Ehrhorn

Director of Customer Success

Ahmad N. Raja

Lead Developer

Kristian Fløjman Pedersen

Full Stack Developer

Jana Selina Hauser

Junior Project Manager

Selina Halusa

Junior Project Manager

Eva Hámorníková

Junior Graphic Designer

Thomas Frickh

Junior Project Manager

Indre Gintautaite

Business Development Manager

Oksana Slabak

Front-end Engineer

Lasse Kristensen

Head of Design

Julie Skotte

Product Manager

Niclas Einarsson

Principal Product Manager

Neda Juronytė

Lead Research Specialist

Neringa Teresevičiūtė

Lead Research Specialist

Zuzana Gyuranová

Junior UX/UI Designer

Maria Sølvsteen Knudsen

Account Executive

Luke Koziarski

Full Stack Engineer

Thomas Vindelev

Full Stack Engineer

Ada Chan

Principal Strategy & Planning

Jan Metrycki

Full stack Engineer


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