Our vision

A world where financial crime is in the past

Our motivation for starting a company

We want to build something from the ground up and put everything we’ve learned into it. We want to create an organization with a culture and set of values that reflect who we are, and that we can look back at and be proud of. We have a strong urge to prove that we can forge an unquestionable success - financially and on any other dimension that matters for a company. We are hard-working, result-driven, hungry - and we have actively deselected the relative comfort of taking a job for someone else.

Our Mission

Empowering companies to eradicate financial crime, while building
a tribe of outstanding individuals


Anders Meinert

A banker with a vision

A successful corporate banker for +20 years, Anders fought financial crime first-hand while leading compliance divisions in two of the largest banks in the nordics. Realizing that the industry is hindered by a lack of efficient tools, Anders co-founded Avallone to give companies and financial institutions a world-class platform that empowers them to combat financial crime.


A trustworthy technologist

Having led as CTO in many successful start-ups, Martin has continually proven how the power of technology conveys unique value - building elegant, useful applications that users never knew they needed and now can't live without. As a co-founder, Martin combines his determination and sincerity with his extensive background in science and technology to guide his teams to solve problems with an empathetic purpose.


A relentless innovator

An accomplished entrepreneur, Thomas has driven strategy and business development for both startups and large corporations - as well as guided 10+ hardware and software products from concept through to launch. As co-founder of Avallone, Thomas applies his extensive knowledge and financial acumen to reach increasingly ambitious goals with a rigorous analytical approach.

Our values


We are loyal, fair and accountable


Be who you are - it’s your contribution that counts


We put ourselves in our customer's shoes


We always act as owners


We never take victory for granted and rarely accept defeat

Our values


We’re loyal, fair and accountable


Be who you are - it’s your contribution that counts


We put ourselves in our customer's shoes


We always act as owners


We never take victory for granted and rarely accept defeat

Our values


We are loyal, fair and accountable


Be who you are - it’s your contribution that counts


We put ourselves in our customer's shoes


We always act as owners


We never take victory for granted and rarely accept defeat

We are who others
can count on

We act with integrity, honesty and accuracy

Own your mistakes and share victories

We do the right thing, not the easy thing

Speaking and doing are the same action

We focus on your passion, capabilities and desire to grow.

Great achievements come through joint efforts

We show care through constructive and timely feedback

We always assume positive intent

Every opinion counts, but logic and facts win

The customer is the real boss; everyone else is here to make them happy

Customer pain is our pain: we understand it and solve it

We obsess about creating outstanding user experiences

We protect customer data as if it was our own

We are only vain about customer feedback

Don’t expect someone else to fix it  

We are all Avallone evangelists

We’re purpose driven and understand the why

We spend money as if it was our own

We continuously hunt sustainable revenue

We execute with urgency and fierce intent

Thinking too small is much riskier than thinking too big

When prepared, fear nothing

We see mistakes as enablers for our next wins

We win big, we celebrate big

Why we started

None of us would want to start a gambling site, an e-cigarette company, a drone surveillance business… or anything else that is morally questionable, let alone downright bad. No matter how big the market or how high the profit margins might be.

Nor would we want to start another marketplace, e-commerce platform, digital marketing tool, etc. These things are all fine, and many good, respectable businesses are built in these areas. It’s just not what makes us tick.

We have deliberately chosen an area we feel is both important and highly complex - but where we are convinced we can make a difference. We want to use our passion, skills, and experience to create a platform that unites systems and resources in the fight against financial crime.

And finally, we have chosen this area of business because we see an enormous, growing market and a pain point that companies want to get solved.


[: ˈævəˌləʊn :]

Avallone is an old Welsh spelling of Avalon - the Island where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged. King Arthur gathered the knights at the round table to fight evil. The Avallone platform unites systems and resources to fight financial crime.

Our team

Martin Albertsen

Co-founder + CTO

Andreia Caringi

Senior Sales Development Representative

Ada Chan

VP Strategy + Planning

Sune Warberg Clausen

VP Product

Thomas Frickh

Customer Success Manager

Indre Gintautaitė

Business Development Manager

Zuzana Gyuranová

Junior UX/UI Designer

Jana Selina Hauser

Junior Project Manager

Anders Meinert Jørgensen

Co-founder + CEO

Timea Kovacs

Senior Customer Success Manager

Maria Sølvsteen Knudsen

Account Executive

Lukasz Krzysztof Koziarski

Full Stack Engineer

Eglė Markelionytė

KYC Operations Lead

Lars Mørch

Chief Revenue Officer

Rihards Pacevics

Software Engineer

Kristian Fløjmand Pedersen

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Thai-Dan Persson

Senior Product Designer

Ahmad Nazir Raja

Director of Engineering

Edvin Razma

Senior Sales Development Representative

Julie Skotte

Product Manager

Oksana Slabak

Front-end Engineer

Raul Stelescu

Senior Software Engineer

Thomas Skovgaard Vindelev

Full Stack Engineer

Our partners

Avallone’s KYC Collector integrates the robust screening and monitoring capabilities of ComplyAdvantage so you can rapidly see if any of your counterparties or their associated individuals will be a risk with sanctions, watchlists, politically exposed persons and adverse media. With live AML data generation, combined entity profiles, real-time screening and automated monitoring, Avallone’s KYC Collector can let you be your most efficient and productive - saving precious time - since you don’t have to switch between various systems to gather information or wait for responses from other teams or external contractors.

Avallone has embedded DocuSign's eSignature capabilities into our KYC Platform - so it’s simple and secure to have your KYC documents digitally signed. DocuSign is the eSignature solution trusted by over a million customers and a billion users around the world. With this capability, Avallone users can send or sign KYC documents from practically anywhere, at any time - and for any number of people with the ability to choose the order of the signing - serial, parallel or mixed sequencing - to meet your specific situations and requirements.

There are three types of eSignatures you can use:
• Simple electronic signatures (SES)
• Advanced electronic signatures (AES)
• Qualified electronic signatures (QES)
The difference between the types of signatures is how the signer is identified.

SES relies on email, IP-address, and two-factor authentication to identify the signer, while AES and QES uses encrypted digital certificates tied specifically to the signer. The signature requirements vary depending on country and type of document. While SES may be enough in some cases (e.g. for signing human resource related documents in Denmark), in other cases it may not be enough to be considered a legally binding signature.

AES and QES provide further levels of security and verification of the signature and signer. In the Nordics, AES is the standard market practice, with NemID, MitID, and BankID being examples of AES. In the EU, QES is rarely used outside of Germany and to a certain degree France. SES is sometimes also referred to as "electronic signature", while AES and QES are "digital signatures".

Avallone is proud to strategically partner with finius - a consulting company specializing in banking and financial issues based in Eschborn near Frankfurt/Main.

Recognized as a problem solver in the industry, finius is known for their team of experts who have a holistic approach for their solutions and change management recommendations - thinking and acting multidimensionally to consider technical, organizational, procedural aspects and their interactions.


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