Enterprise KYC. Solved.

Avallone is the industry-leading platform for enterprise KYC handling - be it KYC collection or KYC response.
Banking-grade security. Consumer-grade design and usability.

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Document management system

One central repository for all corporate documents

One source of truth across your entire organization

Include both internal and external notes to the documents

Automated expiration warnings for all documents

Granular permission levels to tailor access to sensitive documents

Request center

Consolidated overview of all your incoming KYC requests

Smooth delegation and collaboration across departments

End-to-end workflow for all incoming KYC requests

Integrated electronic document signing

Audit log of all document access, sharing and download events

KYC Collector

Gather KYC information and documentation from any type of 3rd parties

User-friendly and intuitive questionnaire builder

Intuitive user interfaces make it easy for third parties to deliver the required information and documents

Securely request and receive answers to your questions from 3rd parties

After KYC items collection, ongoing KYC is simplified for both you and the 3rd party - with the power to quickly confirm or update only the items that need validation

Integrated document signing

Easily manage the signing process of your KYC documents

We’ve partnered up with DocuSign to help you easily sign digital KYC documents and get all your signed files embedded in one workflow

Send documents to multiple parties and get notified once a document has been signed by all signees

Make sure the right people are asked to sign the right documents automatically - Say goodbye to all the manual copy and pasting

Feel safe with a strong audit trail for all activities related to document signing

Smart validation

Validate UBOs across any legal entity in your company structure

Hassle free generation of UBO reports for presentation at your annual general meeting

Automatic calculation of indirect ownership/UBOs

Smart KYC questionnaire

Intelligent abstraction layer that maximizes reuse of answers across questionnaires

No banking jargon. Questions are asked in plain language and our expert guidance helps you complete them in no time

Assign clear ownership across the organization for each type of question

Eliminate the risk of inconsistent answers that could raise questions or even breach financing terms

Output generated to be consistent with any individual requirements from banks

Company officer vault

GDPR and privacy compliant collection, storage and sharing of personal documents

Secure online personal vault

Company officers get their own individual secure online vault - which integrates with the Avallone platform and gives the officer full control to grant or revoke access to their personal documents which are often required for KYC

Document uploader

Smoothly upload, manage and share your personal documents at your desk or at on the go using our mobile friendly solution

Request overview

Easily keep track of which documents and other information has been requested, and get automatic reminders about document expiration etc.

Your own personal vault

Each company officer gets a secure personal vault that integrates with the Avallone platform while giving the officer full control of sharing etc.

Request overview

Easily keep track of which documents and other information has been requested and get automatic reminders about document expiration etc.

Easy document uploader

Upload, manage and share your personal documents on the go or at your desk with our mobile friendly solution


We employ industry standard protocols, extensive testing and emphasize behaviors through rigorous training
Penetration tests
Semi-annual penetration tests by a certified external partner
Strong authentication
Strong authentication measures, enabled and enforced (MFA and SSO) to access company resources and infrastructure
Permission management
Role based permissions provide strong and granular access control for all data and features
Training and awareness
All engineers receive training in OWASP top 10 as well as privacy and GDPR
Data center security
All data centers are SOC 2 compliant and certified under multiple ISO certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018
Strong encryption
Encryption of all data both at rest and in transit, using industry standard algorithms and cipher strengths

Features overview

Fast KYC respones

Reuse your previous KYC answers to process new incoming KYC questionnaires faster

KYC request overview

Get a clear picture of upcoming, ongoing and expired KYC requests

KYC Collection management

Collect KYC information from counterparties such as investors or other individuals

Safe sharing

Share safely and securely with trusted 3rd parties via one time links and two factor authentication (2FA)

Dashboard overview

Get a complete overview of your KYC work - including ongoing and pending tasks

Document management system

Keep track of all your important KYC company documents in one safe location

Company structure charts

Easily generate visual company structures of all your entities  

Officer management

Manage all your company officers and their information in one, safe place

Digital document signing

Manage digital signature workflows all within the platform

KYC knowledge database

Gather all your KYC information on Avallone to quickly pull out relevant sections for KYC requests

Built-in GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is at the heart of Avallone - with our features supporting and facilitating adherence

Individual KYC vaults

Offer secure online vaults for individuals who need to provide information to your company

Universal format export

Use your bank's KYC questionnaires or take advantage of Avallone’s widely accepted format

Company-managed officers

Manage documents and identities on behalf of officers who are too busy to keep their information up to date

Entity management

Keep all of your entities updated in one central location

KYC task assignment

Assign KYC tasks to co-workers or individuals and easily track progress

UBO reports

Easily generate UBO reports with just a few clicks

Responsibility management

Delegate ownership to any of your KYC co-workers

Activity log

Understand and monitor what's happening within your platform

Expiration management

Keep track of documents that are about to expire with our notification system

What our customer say

Testimonials from a few of our first customers

"We experienced an exponential increase in complexity and frequency of KYC requests over a short period. Therefore we were looking to standardize the process for all KYC requests. Avallone leads us to increase efficiency and a higher level of compliance."
Martin Gregersen
Head of Group Treasury, Scan Global Logistics
"When Avallone approached us we where about to hire 2 people just to help us with the onboarding and due diligence for establishing our entities."
Bo Holse Rasmussen
"I must say I am very impressed by Customer Success’ quick feedback and openness towards our questions, ideas and suggestions. Great job!"
Martin Gregersen
Head of Group Treasury, Scan Global Logistics
"We onboard investors, so we see a prospective to use Avallone for outbound KYC as well. And knowing Anders’ track record and just seeing the platform, was an immediate sell for us."
Bo Holse Rasmussen

Frequently asked questions

What banks accept the KYC packages from the Avallone platform?

All banks across the world. We enable companies to reply to any possible questions or document requests that they may receive. When sharing the KYC package to the bank, the company can choose to share it via secure link sharing, by using their email or even by printing and sending it physically. No matter what format your bank would like, Avallone can enable it.

Who owns the data on the platform?

You do. All the data that you use within Avallone belongs to your company, so you can decide what you want to share and who you want to share it with.

What if a bank insists on using its own KYC questionnaire template?

No problem. Just give us their template, and Avallone will make sure that the relevant data fields from the platform are populated into the specific bank questionnaire for your review and verification. When you're happy with your KYC response, it's simple to provide it the bank with our secure link sharing. 

Are you trying to compete with KYC utilities such as Invidem and SWIFT KYC registry? 

No. KYC utilities are an important part of the KYC ecosystem. As these are owned by and made for the banks, Avallone sees them as our colleagues and partners. The Avallone platform is developed together with and for corporate treasurers and legal departments to help you collect, structure and share your KYC information with banks, KYC utilities and other 3rd parties requesting this from you.

Request a demo of the Avallone platform

Request a demo of the Avallone platform

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